Cam Amsden

VW/Audi Specialist

Cam Amsden is an integral part of the Joe's Auto Service team, bringing a rich history of automotive passion and a specialized expertise in Audi and Volkswagen vehicles. From a young age, Cam was immersed in the world of mechanics, working alongside his grandfather on classic Willys and Jeeps, instilling in him not just a skill set, but a deep love for automotive craftsmanship.

As our resident Audi Volkswagen Specialist, Cam combines his childhood experiences with professional training to deliver exceptional service and care to every vehicle. His expertise is not just limited to routine maintenance; Cam's intricate knowledge of these brands makes him a go-to expert for complex diagnostics and repairs, ensuring your vehicle performs at its best.

When he's not under the hood at Joe's Auto Service, Cam indulges in his love for gaming and PC technology, where he applies the same attention to detail and problem-solving skills that he uses in the garage. His passion for cars extends beyond the mechanical, as he enjoys detailing vehicles, transforming them to their most pristine condition.

Cam currently drives a 2019 Volkswagen GTI, a choice that reflects his personal taste for performance combined with practicality. This vehicle serves as a testament to his brand loyalty and his appreciation for the precision engineering of Volkswagen.

Choosing Cam Amsden for your Audi or Volkswagen needs means entrusting your vehicle to someone who not only understands the technical aspects of automotive care but also values the heritage and character of each car he services. Visit Joe's Auto Service and let Cam's meticulous approach and automotive passion work for you, ensuring your vehicle receives the utmost attention and expertise.