Travis Haak

Co-Owner & COO

Travis Haak's journey in the automotive world is fueled by a lifelong passion for cars, ignited by his first car, a 1987 Camaro Z28. This early experience sparked a dedication that led him to pursue formal training at MassBay Community College, specializing in BMW vehicles, a brand synonymous with precision and performance.

After honing his skills and expertise at one of Massachusetts' premier BMW dealerships from 2014 to 2020, Travis brought his wealth of knowledge and leadership to Joe's Auto Service. Here, he quickly ascended to the role of lead technician, distinguishing himself by tackling some of the most challenging and intricate jobs with a blend of technical prowess and fearless determination.

In 2024, Travis's commitment to excellence and his vision for the future of automotive service culminated in a significant milestone: becoming a co-owner of Joe's Auto Service. This new role has not only solidified his commitment to the shop but also to the community it serves, ensuring that the legacy of high-quality service and customer satisfaction continues to thrive under his guidance.

Outside the garage, Travis's creativity and precision are mirrored in his love for playing the guitar, an outlet that provides balance and enrichment to his busy life. His dedication extends beyond cars and music, as he cherishes spending quality time with his three children, sharing with them the values of hard work, passion, and dedication.

At Joe's Auto Service, Travis Haak represents a blend of technical expertise, leadership, and a deep-rooted passion for automotive excellence. Whether he's under the hood of a luxury vehicle or strategizing the future of the shop, Travis embodies the spirit of commitment and innovation that drives our team forward.